A NextGenTV Cloud Playout System

How can a legacy cloud or ground playout solution leverage all that NextGenTV has to offer? Checkout for Cloud Playout solution built explicitly for NextGenTV broadcasts.

A Playout system redesigned for NextGenTV services. Schedule and manage all 3.0 artifacts on a timeline. Create secondary events. Target your events to specific receiver clusters. Schedule 3.0 events with a variety of triggering options. Create Global, Child and Primary events. Configure DRM policies per broadcast event. Re-Configure MOD-COD setting and Video encode properties per playout event. The cloud playout solution comes with built in CMS to serve as metadata and storage for all your frequently used content. With the NextGenTV cloud playout solution, broadcasters can schedule targeted dynamic advertisement insertion splice points.

The Cloud Playout Service seamlessly integrates with our Chain as a Service resulting in "All in the cloud" generation of 3.0 artifacts from base content files and artifacts.

The cloud playout solution delivers HLS or DASH URL's on the fly in a secure form to pre-authorized destinations for feeding the 3.0 chain. The solution leverages GPU servers to transcode content, apply server side graphics to playlists based on event specific configurations.