Audience Measurement & Business Analytics SaaS

Don’t start broadcasting without it! Accelerates your analytics strategy for NextGenTV. A fully tooled analytics platform where broadcaster stays in control of receiving insights and foresights in real time.

With NextGenTV broadcasters for the first time own, either directly or indirectly, a highly valuable asset - SW in consumer devices or vehicles. The App that delivers the consumer experience is also owned, either directly or indirectly, by the broadcaster. It therefore behoves the point that the analytics generated out of the consumer behavior while consuming NextGen broadcasts first arrives at the broadcaster cloud.

If data analytics is the raw material, the final dish is deep insights on segmented audience behavior. Insights and foresights from our Audience Measurement and Business Analytics service can be directly attached to drive targeted campaigns, upsell new services and plan optimizations.

The AMBA (Audience Measurement and Business Analytics) service is a PaaS service on the platform. It is programmable via API's, configurable using default a self-care portal and allows ingest of data from broadcast equipment (exciter, transmitter), consumer devices, as well as from 3rd platforms (think EPG, Data Products etc.)