Broadcast 3.0 Services in ATSC 1.0 Transmission

Get your hands on NextGenTV technology today. With our 3 in 1 service, you can conceive, design, test, train, transit evangelize and even commercially launch NextGenTV services today.

NextGen Broadcast (NGB) as a Service, allows Broadcasters to begin their NextGenTV journey today on an OpEX model using their current 1.0 spectrum and air-chain on a pay-as-you-use model, requiring minimal investment. This is a patent pending 3-in-1 solution that leverages a station's existing ATSC 1.0 broadcast spectrum to launch ATSC 3.0 services.

With NGB as a Service, broadcasters can now independently chart their NextGenTV strategies, no longer tied down by lack of lighthouse stations, additional spectrum or NextGenTV broadcast chain equipment.

Subscribers to NGB as a Service will be offered 3.0-ready receivers, RF equipment, and access to cloud tools that will enable them to create 3.0 services, conduct test scenarios, provide educational sessions to their station staff, perform PoC’s and field trials, and evangelize various NextGenTV services to their communities and local governments.

Combined with additional Apollo capabilities in rapid app development, receiver middleware systems, audience analytics, and NextGen MCR, NGB as a Service ensures that broadcasters can offer high fidelity, production grade 3.0 services today with minimal effort.