Data Casting as a Service

A Marketplace where supply meets demand on a secure platform to transact over broadcast spectrum.

A full service Datacasting solution that equips broadcasters with tools ranging from data aggregation, data ingestion, data security, targeted delivery, data curation over secure & scalable APIs. The solution includes support for differential rate cards and yield optimization algorithms to maximize your spectrum utilization.

The Datacasting solution is capable of end to end automation in fulfilling diverse data casting use cases. Broadcasters can specify multiple data casting rate cards by sub-region, by profile, by payload size and by time of day.

Broadcasters can also specify service areas by time of day and day of week. The broadcaster can also white list a set of demand side tenants and sign them up as tenants for the data casting service. Such signed up tenants get a read only view of the MCR Dashboard and fully featured tenant dashboard for managing their datacasting schedules and jobs.

Tenants can supply data casting jobs with on a portal interface or over a REST API. The API is secured along with the data casting payload. The data casting solution integrates ACK messages from connected receivers which are reconciled for validation in both the MCR and Tenant portals. The Datacasting solution meters’ usage, raises invoices, processes payments on the defined payment cycle automatically, all standard business functions like SLA adherence, dispute management, logging, notifications, exception handling come as a standard part of the system. In short with this solution, you are open for data casting business from day 1.