NextGenTV Marketplace

Discover Partners. Form Alliances.. Conquer New markets…

Key features include:

  • Demand & Supply side collaboration
  • Product Portfolios & Online contract management
  • Payments/Digital Wallet integration.
  • Real-time Data & Analytics
  • Predictions & Recommendations
  • Service Planning & Financial modelling

NextGenTV technology is coming of age when industries as a whole are adopting Industry 4.0 standards and best practices. NextGenTV technology replaces a 30 year old broadcast standard and provides the opportunity to re-architect a tech, business and service stack that is more in tune with contemporary business models.

Today is the age of platforms. Broadcasters call themselves Station Groups and Broadcast Groups and in some cases Networks. Hardly ever, do broadcasters refer to themselves as a platform let alone mean it in the full context and awareness of what the word signifies.

Platform by its very core definition, refers to a supporting structure that helps OTHERS build and operate systems and services easily. Broadcasters need to learn to be platform operators instead of conceiving and operating all of their services by themselves. Only in doing so will they effectively join the 5G convergence and digital transformation phenomenon sweeping across our economies and communities.

Introducing the NextGenTV market place, where you, the broadcaster, can provide services, consume services, co-create services and co-operate services with ta larger ecosystem of platform operators, network operators, content houses, technology companies and Ad Exchanges.