NextGenTV Virtual Classrooms, best of broadband & broadcast!

Impactful Learning Experiences the AI, ML way

Virtual Classrooms fundamentally re-architects student learning experiences for higher order advantages leveraging on 5G, NextGenTV and AI, ML technologies seamlessly merged into one offering with NextGenTV services and spectrum at its core.

Unlike a traditional, linear broadcast, NextGenTV delivers interactivity over the air (OTA), transported through Internet Protocol, which can be received by attaching a special dongle to the TV. TVs without a dongle will continue to receive the standard broadcast, but without the augmented interactivity.

Successful deployment of NextGenTV, with the right design features, can serve as a robust and viable distribution option for rich educational media in areas with minimal broadband access. This system reduces digital inequality in informal science learning in rural and underserved populations by capitalizing on the potential of NextGenTV with the broadcast network with the best reach to households without cable TV or broadband.

The crux of the solution is to make informal and formal classroom learning more interactive by adding social features that can lead to virtual communities. This sense of community among learners is particularly important during a period of isolation, such as the one we are experiencing during the COVID pandemic. Through the right blend of creativity, content and innovation, the timing is right for to test features of NextGenTV in informal and formal STEM learning, particularly in rural and underserved communities.