NextGenTV Chain as a Service

NextGenTV Broadcast Chain can do many things, Use what you need when you need & pay only for what you use. Our Chain as a Service transforms broadcast chains from white elephants to cash cows!

With NextGenTV, gone are the days where a Broadcast chain can be viewed as a component that exists only to serve a technical function. Broadcast chains can be direct revenue generators. And justifications for what broadcast chain costs can be mapped out as a direct function of what a broadcast chain plays a direct role in corresponding revenue generation.

Our ChaaS (Chain as a Service) component supports all basic tenants of utility cloud computing. On demand, scalable, meterable and available. 3.0 broadcast chains are not one trick ponies like their predecessors. A 3.0 broadcaster is also very likely to serve more than one master (customer). Hence the 3.0 broadcaster has access to multiple revenue streams, all of which are realizable using the 3.0 chain. The 3.0 ChaaS, allows you to cherry pick, services on the chain on as needed basis, pay only for the usage and therefore helps the broadcaster apply necessary economic models on his service portfolio for continuous optimization of cost versus revenue equation.

A ChaaS, is a PaaS service on our platform. Subscribers to this service receive access to a scheduling and playout system as well as API's to invoke chain functions securely. Examples of Chain services that can be scheduled over our standard portal interfaces or via secure API's include Service spin up and spin down, broadcast policy management, chain spin up and down, DAI, NRT, App delivery, 4K, AC4, to name a few.

This ensures that the broadcaster is not paying for services that he does not need right now. Yet another advantage of the ChaaS model is your redundancy and Business continuity planning.