Programmatic AdEx for by Broadcasters

Offers Supply side platform, and Demand Side Platform in a "as a service" model. Brings programmatic and online advertising operations to broadcasters. Supports Inter DMA, Intra DMA, Contextual Sub DMA, Hyperlocal and House Hold Targeted Advertising.

NextGenTV is a challenge as well as an opportunity. This statement rings most true when applied to all things Advertising. Imagine a world broadcasters own their consumer behaviour data sets, operate electronic store fronts on their inventory, apply yield optimization to slice and dice their target markets, provide as sophisticated tools to advertisers like Facebook and Google do.

Now add the ability to offer local and hyper local advertising options augmented by the local relationships and local boots on the ground broadcasters have as traditional things. The future can be logarithmically miraculous!

The pathway to reach this holy grail is not merely a bleeding edge technical stack based on Big Data, AI, Analytics and large scale e-trading platforms but perhaps importantly involves solving two other dimensions of the problem. Firstly, the freedom to re-architect a business value proposition that is scalable and sustainable. For example, studies suggest that HYPER LOCAL Advertising is a viable option for broadcasters only when the full life cycle of Ad Ops is automated with cost per impression of 1-5%.

Secondly business planner must insist on a fresh bold way of looking at traditional system interfaces, boundaries and workflows they encompass. Oftentimes an on obscure system can become the death knell for a promising new Advertising business model. Ask yourself what Advertising capabilities standardization are you insisting from your middleware provider.

Come test out our Adwize platform design philosophy and feature set and partner with us for realizing a miraculous future in the advertising world.