Simple Secure Smart - First Responder Alerting

Alerting Reimagined with ATSC 3.0 at its core. One composite network, one unified platform across diverse feeds, channels & use cases.

Application of the right tools and technologies that are well thought through and well-designed is essential to maximize efficiencies in a chaotic and rapidly evolving situation like alerts and emergencies. Proper application of the right set of technologies can help manage an ongoing emergency optimally thus directly impacting lives lost, infrastructure compromised or the area affected,

Today, the alerting ecosystem operates with various feed operators, multiple delivery paths to first responder vehicles, multiple devices and apps in the vehicle and multiple service operators. The network has become akin to the service provider. The device has become akin to a service, and every one of them comes to the Local Authorities claiming "platform status"! In reality, none of them is a platform.

By its very definition, a platform ought to provide the tools to the alert issuing authority and the local authority and automate as much of the delivery, homogenize the delivery across network and device, preserve the alert management experience both at the Central Feed, EOC/NOC and at the field level.

Broadcasters, with NextGenTV technology have the opportunity to stake claim to be the ultimate alerting platform. For the first time ever ATSC 3.0 broadcasts reach moving vehicles robustly, broadcast Apps that terminate on tough books and tablets and can interoperate with the Telco networks seamlessly.

Add to this the benefit of targetability, interactivity and single frequency networks and one is looking at truly creating a NextGen alerting fabric for the nation.