When its all done, we will not know which came first, OTT or OTA?

The best of OTT is realized only with OTA integration. Presenting an OTA solution as harbinger for all NextGenTV OTT services.

NextGenTV is native IP we say. But what does that really mean in terms of service opportunities for broadcasters? A native IP pipe is a means to many ends for broadcasters. At a 100K foot level, one can always profess on converged services. Our tool kit brings clarity down to the 100-foot level to help you, the broadcaster, plan and develop these converged services without the need for any large capital investment.

The tool kit provides libraries across three dimensions of broadcast operations, multi-path delivery and consolidation, and finally at the CX (consumer experience) layer. The tool kit solves use cases like second screen experience delivery, cloud DVR service orchestration, Application of Dynamic DRM policies, DLNA compatibility etc., by using the provided work flow connectors provided in the tool kit.

Additionally, the tool kit comes with API end points from our Public Clouds for heavy lift platform services, metered SaaS services, SDK's and reference libraries and applications to build to a converged world without blowing a hole in your capital budgets.